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        Episode 511: Midsummer Night's Dream
        Patio Stones
        It's time to put your best foot forward...
        Want to take a stroll through your garden and put your best foot forward? Well, you can take your first steps to stepping stones if you follow the creative path of my friend, Aleksandra Basa. Learning how to create your own garden stones is her recommendation for the perfect enhancement to any backyard.

        • paper
        • pencil
        • scissors
        • coloured glass
        • glass cutter
        • nippers
        • pliers
        • grinder
        • sticky paper
        • mold
        • mortar
        • nail brush
        • cement
        • water
        • chicken wire (cut to shape of mold)


        Pick a pattern, such as a water lily (*you can also do butterflies, flowers, sunshine, anything you wish!). Copy your pattern onto paper, labelling each piece of the pattern with a number and colour (i.e. 22g).

        Copy a mirror-image pattern on another piece of paper.

        Cut out each piece, making it a bit smaller than what it is on the pattern as you will need a bit of space left in between each shape on the stone.

        Place each piece on its corresponding colour of glass.

        Open the tip of your glass cutter so that some oil comes out, then trace it around the piece, making sure not to apply too much pressure.

        Break the piece off the rest of the glass using nippers, then pull it off with pliers.

        Using a grinder, sand each piece down.

        Attach sticky tack onto the mirror-image pattern paper so that it meets around the edges, then place the pieces face-down onto it, so that they line up with the pattern.

        Line mold with petroleum jelly.

        Press sticky paper with pieces stuck to it inside mold, making sure it is centred.

        Spread mortar on top of pattern, ¼" thick. Use a nail brush to rub the mortar in between the pieces of glass.

        Lay ½" of concrete on top of the mortar.

        Lay chicken wire on top as reinforcement.

        Lay concrete on top until it reaches the top of the mold.

        Let stone sit and harden for two days, then carefully flip it over and remove mold.

        Remove sticky paper from stone, and fill in the cracks with mortar, using a nail brush and pressing it into the stone in a swirly motion.

        Wipe off mortar with a wet sponge.

        When you see the sparkling results, you will find that a beautiful stone project like this can't go unturned!

        Special Thanks: Aleksandra Basa; Mississauga, ON (905) 502-8016

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